Moving Questions

Whilst we believe there is everything you need to know below, there is also an abundance of information spread across our website.

Money questions (1)

We accept cash, Bank Cheque and all major credit cards, fees do apply to most cards

General Backload Enquiries (1)

Phones are answered Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5pm

However we provide online / email support all day everyday, so if you have a question, just email and we will be back to you before you know it, or even sooner sometimes.


Timing (3)

No there are no fees, however obviously we need as much notice as possible to try and secure you your new date.

You just need to give our office a call and our staff will assist you with changing your moving date.

The more notice that is given the easier it will be for everybody.

If you are moving from a major city there will be a truck in that city on any given day, it just comes down to available space. Give our office a call or email and we can discuss it further.

Just because we provide a backload to our customers does not mean they are kept waiting for days for their truck to turn up.

Because we are running numerous trucks across the country at all times we can book you in on a specific date of your choosing (give us a few days notice)

The afternoon before the booked collection date, the driver or the office will give you a call to discuss your pickup and arrange a collection time.

Ideally, we like our customers to book one or two weeks in advance.

This allows us to arrange everything very easily, and we feel it makes the move less stressful for our customers.

If you need to move tomorrow, or in the next few days let us know and we’ll push through everything as fast as possible for you.

Costs (4)

Our backloading quotes are totally free and put no obligation on you.

If we come back with a great price and you want to discuss it further, give us a call.

Not at all, that’s the main benefit of “backloading.” It enables us to take anything from 1 item, to an entire truck full of items.

Just send through a list of what you need to move and we can let you know a price straight away.

Yes we certainly will.

Whilst we believe you’ll generally not find a cheaper price, if you somehow do we’ll happily do our best to beat it for you.

All you need to do is send through your better quote, including a copy of the list they quoted you on.

We will then come back to you with a better price for your move.

Take less!

The fastest way to drop your price down is to not take the big ticket items.
Your lounge, fridge or dining setting.

If you’ve been considering replacing any big pieces like those, then use moving as an excuse.
Sell, give away, or throw away your old furniture, save money on your removal and put it towards buying something new.

Save money on your move and use it for more important things.

Some Questions to ask the removalists


Are there charges not included in the quote? The last thing you would want to find out at the very last minute is late disclosure of hidden fees and charges.

Can the company provide references?

Do they offer insurance? It’s highly recommended that you obtain insurance for the move

Does the moving company pack your belongings, or do you need to do that beforehand?

How are the fees calculated?

How much experience does the company have?

Is the deposit refundable? If a deposit is a compulsory requisite from a removalists before they commit to the job, then it is worthwhile to make sure that all of the terms of payment and refund are very clear from the outset.

Sometimes you’ll find a company that offers extra services for an extra charge. Sometimes, you will find that you are already being charged for extra services that you don’t need. Extra services can include additional men, expedited service, or the newest moving truck.

We address any concerns immediately and investigate whether the complaint is valid. We don’t hide anything and try to be as open as possible with our clients.

When is payment required?