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Thinking of Moving Interstate? Then stop here. Backloading Australia will sort you out. We specialise in cost to move interstate between Adelaide and Melbourne. We’re experts at helping you cost to move interstate to Melbourne

Backloading Australia offer an excellent service whilst saving you money. moving interstate is difficult, but our cost to move interstate services de-stress it all when you need to move around the country.


Perhaps you've got a questions or two?

Relocating interstate normally comes with a bunch of questions, due to the fact that every customer comes with varied needs when moving. You should investigate faq page and then you'll know why people arrange their removal with us. We are always updating with more answers to it as people ask questions we believe that every customer should know the answer to.

Is storage something you need to think about??

Have you considered perhaps moving your furniture into storage? Maybe your new house you are moving into is not ready yet? Or possibly you are planning to do some work on the new house prior to moving in? Maybe you’ll be needing storage for a couple of weeks? You should investigate
for all your storage requirements.

The estimate form we use is built to help make life easier.

to understand what makes a quote form easy. We want the entire process to be easier, that also includes the matter of submitting out all the quotation forms. The online estimate form we use gives our potential customers the ability to undertake any move. Give it a go, removal quote.

We have services to fit any of your plans.

We are able to help you in any aspect of moving, below are just a handful of examples of areas we can assist you.

  • Packing tips
  • Friendly Staff
  • Trained Removalists
  • Container Removals
  • Bubble Wrap

    Do we really provide an unbeatable service?

    We certainly are! If you are not 100% sure on booking our backloading services, and you have not got a quote yet, then you should start thereremoval quote. Once you’ve seen our prices you’ll be sure to book with us. However some potential clients require a something more convincing, perhaps our previous customer feedback will help. If that is what it’s going to take to get you to book your removal with one of Australia’s top moving services then check them out here. removalist testimonies .


    Have you purchased moving insurance?

    As a company we will take every precaution possible when handling your belongings, we highly recommend that all of our customers take out their own comprehensive moving insurance. In order to get moving insurance we recommend moving home Insurance Their services provide incredibly cheap rates and provide protection for any issue that could occur whilst moving interstate from Adelaide to Melbourne. . We ensure that we handle everything as well as we can but we still recommend insurance because when you are moving furniture interstate anything can happen.